Fri. Mar.2, 2018


Quest® is permitted to enter HongKong  Market.

Wed. Feb.28, 2018

QUEST-New products : Mommy to be

 A specific multivitamins and minerals nutrient for each stage of pregnancy and lactation.  

Fri. Sep.29, 2017

National Nutrition Awards 2017

Quest® Super Once A Day won the "Best Multivitamins" Bronze Medal of National Nutrition Awards 2017. 

Wed. Aug.15, 2017

Rx Balance

Rx Balance online store was launched in JD global in mid-August 2017. Please find our store @

JD global is the top 3 online shopping platform in China. 

The Histroy of QUEST®

Solid Foundation(1976—2006):Quality Without Question

1、In 1976, Mr.Barrie Carlsen founded QUEST® and drafted an initial vision: Quality Without Question. The company, based in Vancouver, had the most sophisticated technology of vitamin manufacture in the world.

2、In 1988, QUEST® established the first vitamin manufactory in Canada that owned an independent laboratory in Vancouver. As a result, it became the leading natural health care  products brand in Canada.

3、In August 2003, Jamieson Laboratories, one of Canada’s largest natural health care products company successfully acquired QUEST®.

Grew up in North America, explored international market(2006—2012):Quest For Health

1、On September 21st, 2003, SunOpta Inc. (NASDAQ:STKL; TSX:SOY) had completed the acquisition of the QUEST®. It used “Quest For Health” as its slogan and invested capital in building independent laboratories and manufactories with professional research and development teams in Toronto. QUEST® was renowned for selling more than 300 natural health care products.

2、During the year of 2009 to 2012,QUEST® had been the top seller in Korea through the television shopping channels.

Back to Canada(2012— At Present ):Partner in Your Family Health

1. In June 2012, Purity Life (a leading natural healthy living products distribution company in Canada, used to be SunOpta division), was independent from SunOpta and put QUEST® a new concept: Partner in Your Family Health. 

2. In 2012, QUEST® won “Spotlight award” form Canadian Health Food Association. Till 2015, QUEST® as one of the 6 major brands in Purity Life Health Products LP, had won CHFA Canadian Excellence Food award consecutively for 6 years.

 3. On November 15th of 2015, QUEST® was officially purchased by C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited (CCNP Tech) from Purity Life. As one of most favorite Canadian brand,QUEST® has been selling in more than 2000 stores in Canada, including health care product stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on. With its advanced R&D foundation, developed manufacture technology, a long history and quality based reputation, the brand is ready to expand globally.  

The History of Nature's Harmony®

Nature’s Harmony® was founded in 1936.

In 1986, Nature’s Harmony® founded their subsidiary brand——Treemenda®.

On September 21st of 2003, SunOpta Inc. (NASDAQ:STKL; TSX:SOY) had completed the acquisition of the Nature’s Harmony®.

In 2006, Treemenda® had won the Canadian star product and top seller in retail sales.

In June of 2012, Purity Life was independent from SunOpta and owned Nature's Harmonyy®.

On November 15th of 2015, Nature’s Harmony® was officially purchased by C. C. Natural Products Tech Limited (CCNP Tech) from Purity Life.

The Award of Nature's Harmony®

In 2006, Nature's Harmony® --Treemenda® had won the award of Canadian Star Product and Top Seller in Retail Sales.

Sun. Nov. 15,2015

C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited

C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited (CCNP Tech) officially purchased Quest®、 Nature’s Harmony®、Vivitas®、 RxBalance® and Herbon®  from Purity Life.