Fri. Mar.2, 2018


Quest® is permitted to enter HongKong  Market.

Wed. Feb.28, 2018

QUEST-New products : Mommy to be

 A specific multivitamins and minerals nutrient for each stage of pregnancy and lactation.  

Fri. Sep.29, 2017

National Nutrition Awards 2017

Quest® Super Once A Day won the "Best Multivitamins" Bronze Medal of National Nutrition Awards 2017. 

Wed. Aug.15, 2017

Rx Balance

Rx Balance online store was launched in JD global in mid-August 2017. Please find our store @

JD global is the top 3 online shopping platform in China. 

Sun. Nov. 15,2015

C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited

C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited (CCNP Tech) officially purchased Quest®、 Nature’s Harmony®、Vivitas®、 RxBalance® and Herbon®  from Purity Life.